Hello Everyone! In today’s’ Topic, we will go over 10 benefits of Insulated Outdoor Cat houses.  A lot of people think that it is ok for cats to be outside.

To roam and hunt their food. But that is not the case.  Even though cats have a really good tool that would make them great hunter and survivalist… they suck at it.

That is why a lot of cats die in the winter because they can no seek the right shelter to protect themselves from the harsh elements.  Even if they find somewhat of a shelter, it does not hold their body heat and they fall asleep and never wake up.

Ok! Let us start with number 1!

1. Helps Retain Heat Inside

During the winter time, when the temperatures are freezing, a cat loses body heat fast.  When they seek shelter inside the house. Insulation is lined between the wall and floor.  This allows for the cat’s body heat to be trapped inside the room thus allowing it to not freeze to death! Do you know that if someone tosses out a cat?  Once the temperature gets to 45 degrees and below.  It is not ideal for a cat.  You would think their fur helps them a lot but it does not. So you at least have 4 to 5 months out of the year which has those temps(If you are living in the east close to NC).Outdoor_Cat_Houses_Insulated_Cat_Houses_Kittens

Also when the mother has kittens, she has to ensure that it stays warm inside because the kittens cannot retain or produce enough heat to live.  They have to rely on mommas heat to get by. If the momma cat does not have a shelter, she has to constantly stay and cuddle with her kittens.  But inside the house, she can leave for a little and eat and get water and then come back and they will be safe.

2. Stays Cool Inside During The Summer

During the summertime, temps can hover around 82-102 degrees.  Even though the shade is nice when a female cat has kittens. She has to make sure they are in the ideal nest.  Having insulation in the house allows for the inside to stay cooler than the outside due to it reflecting heat away from the room. Do you know that cats are descendants of desert cats?  But even being descendants, they can only really take the heat in the range of 73 to 80 degrees.  When they are very hot, they tend to be lazy and pant until the evening when it cools down.  when there is no shade trees, the house will be their next bet.

3.Helps Muffle Out Sounds From Inside

When a female cat has her kittens in the house.  She is in a vulnerable spot.  With the insulation, it helps reduce sound coming from the house. In this case, it will make it harder for predators to spot and attack her home.

4. You Can Find Insulation Everywhere

When you go looking for insulation. there are cheap alternatives you can use other than going to buy the good stuff at your hardware store.  You can use styrofoam which comes from every package order you buy off amazon.  The stuff is everywhere!

5. Ceder is a Very Good Insulator And Smells Good!

Other than styrofoam, you can build your Outdoor Cat House with Ceder.  It is a good insulator and also if you are feeling extra friendly.  You can build using styrofoam and cedar to get a double whammy.

6. It Will stay dry inside!

When it is raining outside, the first thing you will see is a cat not in it!.  Most cats hate the rain except for a select few.  Looking at you Maine Coon! But when it comes to having a cat seeking shelter from the evil wetness.  Insulation helps keep moister from bleeding through and getting their beds and surrounding area wet.  When it is wet outside especially during the fall/winter.  That can lead to hypothermia.  If the cat gets wet, it’s body temp will decrease and they will be in danger.Outdoor_Cat_Houses_Cat_Looking_Outside

7. Put a door on it!

Along the side of having insulation in the walls. Pulling a door on the house would be a great addition.  It will keep the cold air out.  During the winter, just the air flowing through the doorway can be dangerous for the cat nesting in the house.  Also, body heat escapes from the doorway.  You can put a flap to cover the entrance and that will increase heat retention and also make sure the cat will stay warm all day long.  Also, it helps keep the predators out too!

8. Being in a warm shelter will boost appetite!

During the winter, cats seek shelter due to the freezing environment.  If it is too cold. They will hardly eat cause they spend most of their time huddled up with other cats or in a small place themselves.  It is really dangerous for a pregnant cat or one that just had babies because they need the nutrition to support their offspring.  They will have to either choose either not eating as much and starving or braving the weather to find something to eat.  With an Outdoor Cat House, the cat will stay warm and also you can place food inside.  Having the food inside will allow it to stay warm and at the same time be able to consume the right amount of food.  Also, you will not have to chase them around trying to find them to feed them.

9. It is less likely the cat’s water will not freeze.

Even though I do not recommend leaving water inside insulated outdoor cat houses, if you have to, you will not have to worry about it freezing compared to being outside.  Since the temps outside will be freezing. Inside it will most likely be above freezing.  Some houses are built with a water bow mount/holder in which the cat or kittens cannot knock it down.

10. Awesome House Equals Cat Staying with you forever

Having an Insulated Cat House means that you have a good House for them to stay in.  Cats remember that and when they do.  They stick around!  The longer they stick around, the better they get to know you.  You can then work your magic and help them by bringing them inside or help them get their shots as needed. Even getting them fix. That will benefit everyone.

In the end, it is all about how we take care of our feline friends. Thanks for reading and I wish you and your feline companions good luck in making the perfect Outdoor Cat House.

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