Hey guys, my name Jeff.  Growing up, I have always lived out in the country. Home of everything that roams in the wild.  You go anywhere in North Carolina and you will see a furry four-legged critter laying in the yard chillaxing in the sun. This critter would be a cat.  A feral feline but sometimes domestic too!  They all have one thing in common.

They are strays!

The more you feed them, the longer they stay around your doorstep and then they keep popping babies out. I have multiple stray cats outside my house and one of my goals is to get them all fixed.  I feed them and let them chill in my yard.

They tend to prey on the rodents and snakes between meal time.  During the summer, it was ok for them because they had shade.

But I noticed during the winter it was rough for them. Just like any other animal, they have their weaknesses and being outside in the winter is one of them. This is one of the things people do not consider when they are throwing their feline out into the wild.

For the most, their coats and bodies cannot adapt to the cold and snow because they are designed for warmer weather and desert climates and they can come down with hypothermia easily.  Also, they are prone to frostbite on their nose and paws.

It saddens me when I see a dead cat carcass in a yard or on the side of the road. Only because some selfish person decided to discard an innocent animal out that had their full trust in them.

Or when I see a stray cat roaming in a parking lot looking for food because they are starving. After seeing so many felines suffering, I decided to reach out to them.

I wanted to help the poor cats feel at home again.  Give them a place they can trust. I wanted to make them feel like they were loved again.

These feelings lead me to try and create my first cat shelter for the felines in distress.  My first ever one was made of cardboard and styrofoam insulated but it slowly got destroyed by the elements and other animals.

The stray cats were back out in the bad elements again and definitely not happy. I decided to look into a sturdy cat house made of wood and the difference was night and day.

With the wooden shelter, the cats felt

  • Safe
  • Warm
  • Stayed dry ( Cause you know they hate water)
  • Cuddled with their kittens
  • Protected from predators

Cats are very fragile creatures and I believe that we should help them when they are in need.  Most strays likely at one point were domestic cats that were tossed out of their homes.

Outdoor Cat shelters can be that bridge for you and them if you can not have any more in your house.  I know that was the case for me!

My mission for this site is to help guide you if you are in the same situation when it comes to looking for info and help to find Outdoor cat shelters and other important info regarding your outside feline companions.

Us cat lovers need to stick together and this website is a hub for information on what you can do to help our lonely feline friends feel loved in your area.

I will be sharing info on what cat shelters are the best through reviews and other articles.  I will also share designs and DIY info when it comes to building your own Outdoor Cat Shelters.

We will go over how to set up your shelters in your environment.  If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment in the Comment Box below.

COMRADE! We are in this together!

See you on FE-LINE!